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Buy in Bulk: 10 Pounds Salted Butter

Buy in Bulk: 10 Pounds Salted Butter

1 Pound per container: Buy in Bulk and Save!
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Save 6% when you buy 10+ pounds!

100% Grass-fed. (No Grain, Corn, Soy, or Silage.)

All Grass and Animals are Free of any Chemicals, GMO's, Pesticides, Soy, artificial Flavors or colors.

Our Family takes Loving care of all the Animals!

How Long Does Raw Butter Lasts?

Raw Butter lasts up to 4+ Months in the Freezer.

Or you can have it in the Fridge for 4+ weeks.

Or you can have it unrefrigerated for close to 1 week.


100% Raw Cream, and a sprinkle of Celtic Sea Salt. (Nothing Added or Removed)

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